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Hello and Welcome to the Alabama Football Podcast! We’re glad you found us. But who are we? Fair question. We’re Tom and Dave, Alabama graduates and big college football fans. However, we have a unique and intense passion for the Alabama Crimson Tide. Over the years we’ve spent countless hours talking about the Alabama Football team and one day in 2010 we got the idea that we should turn our idle talk into a podcast, and so was born the Alabama Football Podcast. The original podcast branded as such. In early 2014 we were offered the opportunity to merge our football podcast with BamaHammer dot com, one of the leading Alabama sports sites around and we’re looking forward to using this platform to help us reach and forge relationships with even more Alabama fans who enjoy a little intelligent and opinionated football talk. We trust you’ll enjoy our show and we welcome your feedback. We’re reachable via the BamaHammer website or directly at AlabamaFootballPodcast (@) gmail dot com. In the meantime, Roll Tide.

Brought to you by Tom and Dave of Alabama Football Podcast - College Football Talk dedicated to the University of Alabama Crimson Tide

Latest Episodes…

  1. 2021 Alabama vs. Ohio State

    2021 Alabama vs Ohio State – The 2020 National Championship Alabama Football Podcast delivers unique insights into the Tide’s dominating performance against Ohio State in route to an 18th National Title. Yeah, Alabama Does. They Are Who We Thought They Were One could argue the outcome of this game was never up for ...


  2. 2021 Pre Ohio State Public non Interview

    2021 Pre Ohio State Public Non Interview... the title is a mouthful to be sure.  Let me break it down for you. Prior to most or at least several games this season we've done interviews with a reporter or podcast from our opponent.  20-30 minutes of good discussion and perspective from ...


  3. 2021 Alabama vs. Notre Dame

    2021 Rose Bowl Alabama vs Notre Dame Alabama Football Podcast breaks down the Tide’s opening round victory against the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame. The End is in Sight In his post-game comments Saban indicated Alabama “didn’t come here to end here”. An indication that Notre Dame, while certainly respected, was perceived only ...


  4. 2020 Alabama vs. Florida

    2020 Alabama vs Florida... full show notes forthcoming.  Roll Tide ...


  5. 2020 Alabama vs. Arkansas

    2020 Alabama vs Arkansas Alabama Football Podcast breaks down the Tide’s cookoff with the Razerbacks of Arkansas Plan B for the Win Arkansas mixed it up in electing to take away Alabama’s deep passing game, forcing the Tide into shorter routes and a more methodical approach on offense. And this approach worked, at ...